Module III: Cultural Sensitivity

No Title of the source Type Language Learning/Training/ Evaluation activities suggested Access URL/ Download
1 Compassion, dignity and respect in health care. Video (4’16”) English Individual learning
2 Cultural Safety: Respect and Dignity in Relationships. Video (5’02’’) English Individual learning
3 Learning about cultural diversity. Slideshare English Individual learning, reflection
4 Come Comunicare con le persone più Anziane


Resource consists of 7 tips to communicate with elderly people.

Article WikiHow Italian Individual learning
5 “Non farmi male” – Laboratorio teatrale sulla cura dell’anziano


Resource regards a theatre experience where nurses of a Senior House dramatized the typical situation of communication and relation between senior in need and caregiver/nurse.

It is good to reflect on automatic and inconscious attitudes and behavior and get more respect for the other and accept other like an individual (not like a “thing”)

Video (14’ 11”) Italian Individual learning, reflection
6 Life Lessons sharing and respecting others

Lecciones de vida compartiendo y respetando a los demás



All languages Learners should watch the video and reflect on their contents and link contents with their own experiences, too.

-Individual learning and reflection
7 10 consejos para el cuidado de personas mayores en casa Article, website Spanish Individual learning  and reflection
8 Respeto, atención, cariño e integración en la vida de cada día Article, website Spanish Individual learning and reflection
9 Habilidades para trabajar con personas mayores Article, website Spanish Individual learning and reflection
10 La dignidad en los cuidados de salud Article Spanish Individual learning and reflection
11 Respeto a la intimidad, protección y trato cálido Document (PDF file) Spanish Individual learning and reflection