The main tangible products of the project  are:

– Training Model  and Curriculum,   available on project web platform,  which can downloaded  and used by potential trainers to develop their own trainings;

– Learning tools, available  on the project learning platform  in four  languages (UK, IT, ES , RO) in form of a easy to navigate course to be used by the elderly caregivers for online learning

– Training/learning/evaluation resources , available  on the project learning platform in PDF document  , which  can be used both for the learners, elderly caregivers, and the trainers in their trainings;

– A Smartphone application  which can download from  the project website to  access the course by  mobiles  or tablets: IENE7.

-The  Masive Open Online Course (MOOC) , piloted and tested available on the Blackboard platform.

The content of MOOC  and learning activities as well as the methodology  and  guidance documents on how to set up a MOOC,  conduct learning, guide  for instructors , the  Report of the MOOC results and Good  practices are  posted on the project web platform  and trainers may  use  our innovative MOOC  or  to set up their own MOOC, using model, resources and experience.