Cultural Competence Training for Caregivers of Older People


  • Understand the social care system, policy regulations and culture of care within the country/region/community in which they work, to adapt to the new social and cultural environment;
  • Understand the older people’s psychology and their capacity to promoting a positive communication, friendly environment, positive interaction and relationships in older people in their care;
  • Enhance their professionalism and employability with adequate communication, intercultural and social skills in order to improve their opportunities for jobs, strength their position in the labour market, increase quality of care for older people and encourage their active participation in society;
  • Increase the level in digital competences and skills and their use of social media;
  • Improve their access to training and qualifications, with a particular attention to the low-skilled.

Course Modules

Module 1: Cultural awareness

Module 2: Cultural knowledge

Module 3: Cultural sensitivity

Module 4: Cultural  competence

The Course addresses the   foreigner and migrant elderly caregivers.

The Learning Tools were created by the IENE 7 project team  and used  for the   development of learning activities  of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).