Module II: Cultural Knowledge

Topic  1 : Systems of health and social care

No Title of the source Type Language Learning/Training/ Evaluation activities suggested Access URL/ Download
1. Demographics, ageing populations and migration Animated presentation Individual learning about trend of demographics, ageing populations and migration
2. Europe is going grey: can EU countries work together to care for their elderly?

By Milena Pavlova, 2017

Article , website Individual learning elderly  in European countries
3. Home care in Europe

by Rosanna Tarricone & Agis D. Tsouros, World Health Organization 2008


Research Study, PDF file EN Individual learning about demographic, epidemiological, social and cultural trends in European countries (Page 1) and  emerging need for home care in Europe (pages 9-16)
4. Home Care across Europe:

Current structure and future challenges (Vol I) and  Case studies (vol II) ,

By Nadine Genet, Wienke Boerma, Madelon Kroneman, Allen Hutchinson,Richard B Saltman, 2013

 Research study, PDF File Individual learning about home care situation in Europe,country-by-country,  in  31 countries,  social services and health-care systems, funding mechanisms and the complex roles played by informal caregivers.


5.  Cultural differeces in elderly care.

A Literature Review

By Feeh Mirabelle,2013

Research Study PDF Individual learning about factors that could impact care delivery in institutional and home setting when caregiver and elderly are from different cultural backgrounds. (Pag.40-47)
6. Bringing spirituality and religion to elder care Article, website EN Discussions about how  caregivers handle religious matters,