Module II: Cultural Knowledge

Topic  4 : Dementia and influence of culture

No Title of the source Type Language Learning/Training/ Evaluation activities suggested Access URL/ Download
1. Dementia guide,  by NHS Website EN Individual learning about dementia.
2. Dementia Animation Self learning what dementia is, what to do if t memory loss, and keeping well  with  dementia.
3. Communication and Alzheimer’s Brochure , PDF EN Individual learning of some tips of communication in different stages of dementia
4. Dementia Care Dos & Don’ts: Dealing with Dementia Behavior Problems Article, Website EN Individual learning  about which strategies are most effective in dementia behavior management.
5. Caring for a person with dementia


Article, webpage EN Individual learning about tips for  caring for a person with dementia
6. In-Home Dementia Care: Tips & Techniques

Created by
Pines of Sarasota Education & Training Institute

Video EN Discussions about in home care dementia issues
7. Persons with Dementia: Skills for Addressing Challenging Behaviors

Created by Rural MIRECC, 2016


Video, (26″04″) EN Demonstrations of  skills that may be used by caregivers to address care  elderly persons with dementia.
8. Living with dementia: Your relationships

Created by   Alzheimer’s Sociaty

Booklet En Self learning about different aspect of relationships changes in dementia
9. Caregiver Training Videos

By UCLA Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Program

Videos EN Practical demonstration of tools you can use in a variety of settings to create a safe, comfortable environment both for the person with dementia and the caregiver.
10. Overcoming stigma Article, website EN Individual learning about overcoming the stigma of dementia
11. Ce este dementa


Article, website RO Individual learning about different aspects of  dementia