Module II: Cultural Knowledge

Topic  3 : Cultural expressions of loneliness and suffering

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1.  What do you expect at your age? Loneliness and old age

By Christina Victor, 2012.

Presentation, PDF EN Self  learning about loneliness, the importance of time and place in understanding loneliness, loneliness in new ageing populations with  the example of minority elders
2. Loneliness Challenges: What Do Older People Say?

Produced by


Four people give their views on loneliness in older age.

EN Discussions  about

influence that different communities and circumstances can have on staying connected in later life.
3. One Day – loneliness among old people Animated video EN Reflection on loneliness and on elderly person who  feel alone
4.  Loneliness in Later Life

Produced by,

Study, PDF( page 2) EN Additional information about loneliness  in UK–wellbeing/rb_june15_lonelines_in_later_life_evidence_review.pdf
5. Causes of loneliness in older people Article  , webpage EN Self learning about main causes of loneliness,  signs to look out for and possible consequences that can arise from feeling lonely
6. Cross-National Differences in Older Adult Loneliness,

by Tineke Fokkema, Jenny De Jong Gierveld & Pearl A. Dykstra

Study, PDF


Information about some variations in levels of late-life loneliness and its determinants across Europe
7. 6 Types of Loneliness  Video presentation Self learning   about  different types of loneliness “
8. The Effects of Loneliness and Isolation on the Elderly,

by  Cameron Bailey,  2017

Article, webpage Self learning about the impact of isolation and loneliness : negative physical and emotional effects in the elderly.
9. The Effect of Loneliness in the Elderly Population: A Review by

James Alexander Crewdson, 2016

Study, PDF Information about various effects that loneliness has on mental and physical health and the potential interventions that may alleviate this problem.
10. Loneliness: 5 things you may not know

By Ashley Hayes, CNN, 2014

Article  with stories and videos EN Self learning about chronic loneliness consequences for health.
11. Can Loneliness Kill You? Video animation  Self learning  about loneliness consequences for the health
12. Coping with loneliness: Tips for seniors

by Lynn Ponton, MD

Article , webpage EN Discussions  about strategies and tips helpful for coping with loneliness
13. Video

Produced by Bristol Ageing Better.

Animation EN Self learning about how staying active and engaged with your community can prevent loneliness.
14. Most emotional sad story: Elderly care Animated Video EN Discussions about  attitude of the family which may causes the loneliness  of the older  people
15. „Leacuri” pentru singuratatea batrânilor


Video RO Discussions  about strategies and tips helpful for coping with loneliness
16. Singuratatea, acelea?i efecte ca fumatul a 15 tigari pe zi


Article  , webpage with video RO Self learning about main effects of loneliness