Module II: Cultural Knowledge

Topic  2 : Cultural aspects of ageing

No Title of the source Type Language Learning/Training/ Evaluation activities suggested Access URL/ Download
1. 10 facts on ageing and health Article, Website En Self learning about ageing issue
2. What is Aging? Video animation EN Discussions

about what aging is and how we can extend our lifespan.
3. Changes in the body with Ageing Article, website EN Self  learning about the different body changes with ageing  in function and in appearance
4. Normal Changes of Ageing Video EN Self  learning about the different changes of ageing
5. Social factors affecting old age Presentation, PPT EN Self  learning about Social issues affecting Elderly , isolation, loneliness 
6. Social aspects of_aging Presentation, PPT EN Learning about attitudes of aging based on a person’s cultural background and myths that exist in America culture about ageing
7. Culture and perceptions of ageing Article, website page EN Individual learning
8. Perception of Seniors Citizens Video EN Reflection  on how the elderly are perceived
9. Imbatranirea psihologica Article, website page RO Individual learning  about different aspects of ageing